Electro stumulation instrument body massage machine health care machine

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Guangdong, China
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Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
stimulate lymph and de-doxin:
electro stimulation
Body preserving health Instrument
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health care machine
health care , promote the circulation of blood.
Clinic, beauty spa
electro stumulation instrument
life time maintenance
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Supply Ability:
500 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Theory and Function


The Body preserving health Instrument uses the flow of electronic pulse to promote the circulation of blood. It can remove the blockage of blood vessel o ease the pain. And together with the heat of infrared rays wihch helps the absorption of nutrients to improve the sub health problem fundamentally.


1.Lifting Probe: This probe is used for the area around eyes. It can lift the skin aroud eyes with micro electricity and active the cells. Remove the eye bag and whiten skin.

2.Massage probe: It can make the nutrients enter our body directly by using the heat of infrared rays. By raising the temperature of the part it effects to make better absorption of the product. This is the most effect way to complement energy of internal organs, improve the sub health condition, and preven illness keep you stay in health.

3.De-toxin probe: It can be used in every part of our body. It has the function of clearing residing blockages in lymph quickly, promoting the toxin metabolism and relief pain. Such as the pain(backache, periarthritis and Waist-Leg weakness) caused by blood blockage.

4.Electro Stimulation: it can be used on all parts of our body. With the function of accelerating the circulation of blood, regulating the function of internal organs, relaxing muscle and easing spasm.




This muachine can be used to the following symptoms:

Symptoms of skin sub health: stain, acne, redness, sensitivity, dark of skin color, pale, wrinkle, black eye, eye bag, crow's feet, and skin relaxation, dry and rough.

Symptoms of head sub health: dixxiness, Headache, imsomnia, forgetful, poor quality of sleep, dram all night, slow in responsive, neurasthenia, deafness, tinnitus, alopecia, dry hair etc.

Symptoms of neck sub health: muscle stiffness, acid pain.

Symptoms of limbs sub health: numbness, strengthless, slow in reflect, unable to uplift, joints fear of cold, pain, swollen, stiffness etc.

Symptoms of physiological sub health: early coming of menopause, amenorrhea, disorder of period, dysmenorrheal, elly bulge, uterus coldness, sex frigidity, disorder of endocrine, gynecological diseases,premenstrual syndrome, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness, leucorrhea exception etc.

Symptoms of waist sub health: backache, knee powerless, urinary urgency, sweating, leg edema, intercourse pain, chills, lumbar muscle strain, cold hands and feet, sweat hands and feet, waist afraid of cold more nocturnal, puffiness etc.

Symptoms of waist sub health: backache, knee powerless, urinary urgency, sweating, leg edema, intercourse pain, chills, lumbar muscle strain, cold hands and feet, sweat hands and feet, waist afraid of cold, more nocturnal, puffiness etc.

Symptoms of back sub health: sore back, back pain, body lackness, spinal deformities, sciatica etc.

Symptoms of break sub health: shortness of breath, sigh, flustered, arrhythmia, palpitaion, asthma, hoarseness, pharyngitis, bronchitis, heart ischemia, myocarditis.

Symptoms of emotion sub health: emotion fluctuations, irritability, anxiety, depression, lassitude, liver qi stagnation, breast tenderness, and breast duct blockage, lack of confidence, life without passion, no goal and direction.

Symptoms of body curves sub health: body deformation, fat accumulation, local obesity, breast ptosis, breast extra-expansion, shrinkage, relaxation etc.



Factory information

Yirenmei(China) Electric Co.ltd with its good reputation, devotes itself to producing and selling instruments for beauty care and health care and focusing on research, design, production and sales,which is a manufacturer established in 2001 and located in Houjie, city of Dongguan. Our show room is in beauty exchange city in Guangzhou.

For years, under the management philosophy of orienting the market, we have developed hundreds of types of beauty and health care instruments, especially the trademark SIMON.R.N and PULLY.

Because of humanized management, there has been introduced a large number of expert technicians and management and marketing personnel of high attaintment, also there has been a mature injection, molding, mold, machine shop,etc.

Our products have got the CE certificate. Also, our company have got the TUV certificate. Through our continuous effort, in hope of achieving the leader position in beauty and health care insrument line, we assure our customers, domestic and overseas of our best service and come to the bright future together.


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We have attended many exhibiton in domestical and overseas such as USA, Italy,Dubai, Hongkong,Guangzhou,etc.

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